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Commercial Tree Removal

LE Tree Care was asked to cut down some trees at a large commercial site recently. While our goal is to try and save trees, sometimes there’s nothing you can do other than remove them.

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Backyard transformation

Huge difference! LE Tree Care removed some large pine trees from a backyard, and the LE Construction team came in after to do new landscaping. You can’t even tell the trees were there! The sloping was also corrected to address water running down the foundation.

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How Mulch Can Really Help Your Trees Thrive

Is mulch the secret ingredient to healthy trees? It definitely helps. People often perceive its use as strictly aesthetic, but it actually provides a number of benefits for a tree.

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How to Tell if a Tree is Healthy… in 60 Seconds

Trees add a tremendous amount of value to a property. There are signs we can all look for in a 60 second tree health assessment to identify potential problems early on.

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Trees Need Watering… in April

Trees and shrubs in commercial landscapes, especially those in parking lots, need water at the beginning of the growth season for them to do their best.

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Why Trees Die in Parking Lots and What You Can Do About It

In Calgary, parking lot trees are often a sorry sight and require replacement every few years. If that sounds expensive to you, you’re right. Here’s what you can do…

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