About Us

LE Tree Care started as a branch of the property maintenance services division of its parent company LE Construction and Maintenance.  Over the years, it has grown and flourished, led by certified arborist Jeremiah Erhardt’s (shown teaching about trees in the classroom above) passion for promoting healthy trees.

Today, LE Tree Care is trusted by organizations like the City of Calgary, the province of Alberta, MEC, Colliers International, and others.

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Our "Healthy" Focus

While many tree companies specialize in tree removals (and some even have “removals” in their name), LE Tree Care believes in caring for trees instead of removing them.

Healthy trees are more resilient to pests and disease, live longer, and provide more benefits to the environment.

Don’t get us wrong, we are certified, highly trained climbers and tree fallers who are skilled at tree removal, but our passion for saving trees has fueled the deep desire to be experts at everything needed for healthy and sustainable tree growth. We love saving trees and work to further the growth and development of the urban forest.

This expert knowledge is what sets LE Tree Care apart from other tree companies and is the motivation behind our tree planting services, tree and shrub maintenance services, and tree repair services. View our complete list of services here.

Structural Pruning of a Calgary Tree

Our Certifications

Pruning or removing trees can be dangerous work. Hiring a Certified Arborist minimizes risk and liability.
We also bring the right tools: specialized equipment, in-depth knowledge, and proper insurance (we carry $5m).

ISA Certified Arborist

An International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist has a minimum of 3 years’ experience in tree care and/or a college degree in horticulture, forestry, landscape architecture or urban forestry and must pass a proctored exam.

Arboriculture Technicians

Arboriculture Technicians learn and apply the guiding principles of tree management in sustainable urban ecosystems. They learn how to adhere to current industry safety standards and practices. Students are immersed in studies exploring the life of trees, conducting ground operations, pruning, performing tree risk assessments and conducting aerial operations.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ) is an instructor-led credential that demonstrates professional knowledge in tree risk assessment through participation in a training course and passing its accompanying exam.

Ground Disturbance Certification

Ground Disturbance Certification trains workers on their roles, responsibilities, and procedures when digging or cultivating. It is required if cultivation is to exceed a depth of 30cm.

Certificate of Recognition (COR™)

The Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes companies who develop and implement health and safety and injury management systems that meet an industry standard.

Pesticide Applicator Certification

Pesticide Applicator Certification is required for chemical maintenance of ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, and turf on outdoor residential, commercial and public land.

Trees We've Planted in Calgary

In the Community

LE Tree Care believes in spreading the love for trees to others. This passion is what led us to develop a curriculum for elementary school children. Each year, we can be found educating students about trees as a part of their grade 5/6 biology curriculum.

LE Tree Care supports the urban forest in the City of Calgary. To date, LE Tree Care has planted over 26,500 trees in Calgary.

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We Love Trees!

Trees cycle nutrients, sequester carbon, clean the air, provide wildlife habitat, mitigate water flow, prevent erosion, provide shade, reduce the heat island effect, and make our world a more beautiful place. Yay trees!

LE Tree Care has planted over 26,500 trees in Calgary to date.

“Trees are good. Trees need care. Arborists care for trees.”
– International Society of Aboriculture (ISA)